About Me

I believe in the pursuit of happiness through a healthy lifestyle. My happiness comes from enriching my body with the nutrients of wholesome food and the constant maintenance through physical exercises. Looking and feeling great shouldn’t be hard, but they require a level commitment that comes from one’s decision to change.

I decided not long ago that I needed to prioritize my health. It was not because I suffered from a disease, but because I realized my health was directly tied to how I felt. I’m the moodiest person when I have a cold, the grumpiest person when nursing a hangover, and the least confident person when I am weak physically.

A psychological study was done to test the influence of motion on interview performance. The people that were asked to mimic expansive body positions were thought to exude more confidence during the interview than people who shrunk themselves down beforehand. In this case, it gives me undeniable proof that how we feel physically is directly related to how we feel emotionally.

I knew, even without all the proof, that in order to become a happier person, I had to get healthier. I have come a long way since 2013 when I first started this blog. So I believe becoming healthy is worth the effort and it can done with the right motivation. I didn’t reinvent myself overnight and I had my setbacks along the way, but I gained experience from the journey. Experiences that I want to share with anyone who wishes to listen. Methods that anyone can incorporate and adhere to.

So I leave you now to explore everything I have to offer on this website. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to always get the latest articles from me. As I live and breathe health, I want to share my habits with you going forward. Leave your questions in the comment boxes so we can all learn from them. Thank you for listening to my story and happy reading!

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