Eating healthy day 16: Blueberries are in season!

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are the most nutritious and flavorful ingredients you can use in your cooking. In addition, they’re also less expensive and more readily available. I live in New York, so blueberries are in season starting in July. They are packed with antioxidants without a lot of sugar, which means I can eat as much as I want without feeling guilty.

Eating healthy day 15: Checkpoint

So I’ve been posting these videos of me eating my dinner, which means for 15 days, I followed a diet plan and worked out. Let me reiterate what diet plan and workout regiment is.

Wake up at 7:30AM

Breakfast: 2 cups of green tea

Workout: High intensity training class at the gym during lunch break right before eating

Lunch: 1 meal replacement shake

Dinner: 1 full meal (basically the food in those videos)

Sleep before 11PM

I do this on weekdays only since weekends are spent out and about with friends. Trust me, I wouldn’t keep following this regiment if it didn’t work…

I’ve only recently started to weigh myself. I have this aversion to scales when I “feel” fat, yes, I’m so vain… I can tell you though joining a gym definitely helped with my routine. But even with going to the gym everyday, I was still hovering around 114-118. You could feel my muscles, but not see them since they were covered under a thick layer of fat. It was only after I started following this eating regiment did the pounds start to shed in addition to muscle growth. I weighed in at 109.5 lbs for a second day in a row, but the % fat dropped from 21.6% to 20.9%.

I took a look back at my previous post. At my fittest, I was 105.5 lbs and 18.8% body fat. I really don’t care much about weight, but I really want more muscles! I should figure out a way to really step up my strength training… I should probably just do more yoga.

So at a pace of 1-2% fat loss per month, I should be down to 16% by August… Haha, people usually try to lose the weight before summer, while I do it during summer, only to gain it back again in the winter months… such intense procrastination!! My reward will be those few precious months in September and maybe more trips to the tropics this winter.


Eating healthy day 13: Wontons

Once again, I’m indulging in some homemade goodies thanks to my mama. They are pork and cilantro wontons! Normally you would boil them in a soupy base with ingredients like napa cabbage, seaweed, tomato slices and so forth. I chose the rebel route and ate them like dumplings; with the rest of my dumplings of course. Do I get enough protein, oh hell yes I do!

If you live in NYC, or not, you might have heard of or eaten at White Bear in Flushing. It’s this hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that specializes in wontons and dumplings. I’ve tried their #6 wonton special and it was underwhelming. But seriously who can blame me when you grew up with the best wonton & dumpling chef? I’m so spoiled…

Grocery List:

  • dumplings & wontons (only if you have the patience to make them at home, otherwise, do skip on the frozen store-bought ones since they’re full of healthy fat.)
  • cabbage
  • pickled garlic

Eating healthy day 11: Leftover Basil Chicken Salad

I love Thai food. I can almost always taste sour, sweet, salty, and spicy in Thai dishes. They also tends to be healthier and richer in flavor. Basil Chicken is a Thai dish stable and it’s seasoned with garlic and chili, my favorites. Since I make it at home, I can control how much spice and sugar go into it. If you’re like me and could only shop at an American supermarket, you probably can’t find the bird eye chili peppers and holy basil the original dish calls for. My substitutes were Thai basil that I grew at home and a habanero pepper. I mistakenly used the whole pepper, big mistake. Hence I had a lot of chicken leftover. So I just tossed a few pieces in with my spinach leafs, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and yellow bell pepper. Luckily I had my berry fruit salad at the end to cool my mouth down from the heat. I still love spicy though!

Grocery List:

  • pre-washed baby spinach leafs (best from Costco)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • thai basil (holy basil if you can get your hands on it)
  • this basil chicken recipe
  • chicken breast
  • bird eye chilis (habanero if you dare or can’t find the Thai chilis)
  • garlic
  • yellow bell pepper

Eating healthy day 5: Let’s talk meal replacement shakes

I ordered 2 cans of protein power a week ago and they finally got delivered; despite my putting the wrong apartment number on the shipping address. Phew! I started bringing them to work to as my lunch. It averages out to less than $2 a meal! The brand is IdealShape. I highly recommend the Super line because of the added superfoods in there, check out the nutrition labels to see for yourself. So far I’ve only tried the vanilla. It is super delicious and tastes just like a milk shake, with just water mixed in.

Grocery List:

  • IdealShape meal replacement shake (Not part of this meal but highly recommend it for lunch. It gives you energy and yummy taste without the drowsiness.)
  • homemade dumplings (chives, eggs, shrimp)
  • apricot
  • watermelon
  • seaweed salad
  • kimchi
  • home-pickled cucumber
  • olives
  • home-pickled garlic
  • cabbage stir-fry

Eating healthy day 4: Be more open minded

Since it’s the summertime, I like to go for light, refreshing and cold dishes. I’m not about to cook a bunch of dishes and stand in a hot kitchen for an hour. In this scenario, simplicity is key. You really only need to add a bit of salt and lemon juice to bring out the natural taste of food. Take avocado for example, there’s just no other flavor quite like it.

I can’t stress the importance of keeping an open mind. Yes, once we become adults, we’ve become very set in our own preferences. Unfortunately, for those of us not open to trying new foods, we are limiting our options and limiting our sources for micronutrients. I’ll take natural food over supplements any day, food taste way better.

Grocery list:

  • pre-cut watermelon slices
  • golden kiwi
  • seaweed
  • cabbage
  • avocado half
  • pickled cucumber
  • kimchi

Eating healthy day 3: Fruit is my BFF

My favorite fruit, the watermelon, is 92% water and 6% sugar. My best memories of eating watermelon is after a few of hours of activities out in the summer sun and then coming back home sweating and feeling super thirsty. It doesn’t even have to be pre-sliced, it just have to be cold, taken straight out of the fridge. It’s the best fruit to eat in the summertime and the perfect replacement for water.

Eating fresh fruit before a meal can be a substitute for chugging water, both taking up space in your stomach and reducing the amount of food you eat per meal.

Grocery list:

  • pre-cut watermelon slices
  • baby carrots
  • seaweed
  • cabbage
  • avocado half
  • sticky rice ball (“粽子“ in Chinese pronounced “zoon zi”)
  • soba noodles