Yoga in Central Park Class BEGINS!

I’ll be leading these yoga classes in Central Park starting this week. Below are some high-level details.

When*: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7:30PM-8:30PM

Where**: Pilgrim Hill (72nd St & 5th ave)

What to Bring: Yoga mat

How to Prep: Highly recommend applying bug spray beforehand

How you’ll know it’s me: I’ll be sitting on a blue yoga mat playing music from a speaker

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**Location is unlikely to change, but if it does, I’ll post it here.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 1.33.13 PMTo my new subscribers, a big welcome and thank you!


Yoga in Central Park (UES)

If you’re a New Yorker living near Central Park or know someone who does, then listen up! You’ve probably heard the benefits of yoga and the benefits of breathing in the fresh air. What if you can get both at the same time?

I’ll be leading yoga practices from now on in the park! Weather permitting…

Daily practices change, ranging from vigorous vinyasa flow to deep stretch yin yoga. Class duration varies depending on the practice, expect 30 minutes to 1 hour. Click the “Follow” button to get notified via Email of my upcoming class with details.

My yoga journey began 5 years ago. It began as an obsession with getting the postures right and maybe even just surviving until the end without needing to stop and rest. Today, it gives me immense pleasure and peace each time I step onto the mat. I learned so much from my teachers, especially my personal practices with Erin from Five Parks Yoga. I traveled to Costa Rica at the beginning of this year for my first ever Yoga retreat. Not only did I learn to finally do a head-stand, but I also found a new being I want to aspire to become. I want to be someone who is courageous in the face of an obstacle. I want to be able to let go of negativity. I want to help myself and others in the ability to heal. I believe it takes one small step at a time, which was how it started for me.

Now I’ll leave you with some pictures from my retreat and hope it inspires you to join me one day in the near future! Thanks for your support~

Eating healthy day 18: Chopped Salad

A friend recently asked me, “Did you lose weight?” Yes, in fact, I really did! I can confidently attribute these results to 3 things: eating healthy, cutting calories and building muscles. Yes, it does get boring if I eat the same food day after day, but I never do. There are countless ways to cook a healthy dish and a ton of different flavor combinations. Highly effective are these flavor bombs: scallions, sweet onions, cilantro, wasabi, spicy mustard, daikon, basil, and mint.

Grocery List:

  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • sweet onion
  • cilantro
  • scallion
  • soba noodles
  • spinach & mixed greens

Eating healthy day 17: Canned sardines for that Omega-3

Omega-3 is such a buzz word these days, it’s easy to glaze over the details. An important fact to note is Omega-3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat, of which 3 are found in our food. ALA is the first kind, found in leafy plants and plant seeds, think flaxseed, chia, or avocado, (not coconut oil because that’s actually considered a saturated fat) and so forth. Our bodies actually convert these into longer chained EPA and DHA at a pretty inefficient rate. So, it’s more efficient to directly consume EPA and DHA in oily fish like salmon, sardines (bigger bang for the buck), or algae and krill oil. Glossy hair is very attractive, why? Because it’s a sign of health and we’re attracted to our counterparts who look healthy. Omega-3s can help you get that glossy hair from the inside!

Eating healthy day 16: Blueberries are in season!

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are the most nutritious and flavorful ingredients you can use in your cooking. In addition, they’re also less expensive and more readily available. I live in New York, so blueberries are in season starting in July. They are packed with antioxidants without a lot of sugar, which means I can eat as much as I want without feeling guilty.

Eating healthy day 15: Checkpoint

So I’ve been posting these videos of me eating my dinner, which means for 15 days, I followed a diet plan and worked out. Let me reiterate what diet plan and workout regiment is.

Wake up at 7:30AM

Breakfast: 2 cups of green tea

Workout: High intensity training class at the gym during lunch break right before eating

Lunch: 1 meal replacement shake

Dinner: 1 full meal (basically the food in those videos)

Sleep before 11PM

I do this on weekdays only since weekends are spent out and about with friends. Trust me, I wouldn’t keep following this regiment if it didn’t work…

I’ve only recently started to weigh myself. I have this aversion to scales when I “feel” fat, yes, I’m so vain… I can tell you though joining a gym definitely helped with my routine. But even with going to the gym everyday, I was still hovering around 114-118. You could feel my muscles, but not see them since they were covered under a thick layer of fat. It was only after I started following this eating regiment did the pounds start to shed in addition to muscle growth. I weighed in at 109.5 lbs for a second day in a row, but the % fat dropped from 21.6% to 20.9%.

I took a look back at my previous post. At my fittest, I was 105.5 lbs and 18.8% body fat. I really don’t care much about weight, but I really want more muscles! I should figure out a way to really step up my strength training… I should probably just do more yoga.

So at a pace of 1-2% fat loss per month, I should be down to 16% by August… Haha, people usually try to lose the weight before summer, while I do it during summer, only to gain it back again in the winter months… such intense procrastination!! My reward will be those few precious months in September and maybe more trips to the tropics this winter.


Eating healthy day 14: Quinoa, corn and broccoli

I went to Trader Joe’s the other day and unexpectedly saw a bag of organic tricolored quinoa and instantly bought it. Following the very simple cooking instructions on the back, boil in water for 10-15 minutes, I succeeded in cooking my very first batch of quinoa. I took out from the freezer, a bag of frozen corn, broccoli and red bell pepper, and tossed half of its content in the pot with the cooked quinoa. I went a bit heavy on the seasoning with crushed black pepper, red chili flakes and olive juice from a jar, but salt would also do. The whole thing took me 20 minutes to make, most of time was actually spent cutting up fruits for my fruit salad. So it just comes to show cooking healthy food can be really fast and easy.

Grocery List:

  • Trader Joe’s organic tricolored quinoa (or any brand you prefer)
  • frozen bag of corn and broccoli
  • assortment of fruits
  • any vegetable dish