Watsons — Bird Nest Mask

Watsons is the equivalent of Sephora meets Walgreen in Asia. It’s a chain store that sells inexpensive beauty products. I love going here and splurging on beauty products, especially masks. During my most recent trip to China, I spent about 800 yuan, or about $120 there. I bought about a dozen boxes of masks, one of which is this Bird’s Nest mask series.

birds nest
Night application for just 30 minutes

This mask was on sale at the time, so I went all out and bought 4 boxes worth. The mask also came highly recommended by my friends, so I went a bit crazy with the purchase. Turns out, I did not get enough.

I like the mask because it does a really good job moisturizing my skin and replenishing collagen. After using a mask, my face feels baby soft and much more elastic. It makes the perfect pre-makeup procedure the night before, allowing your foundation to adhere more evenly.

I like to carry a mask everywhere with me because it’s easy to travel with and apply when I’m on the road. In exchange for 30 minutes of application, I can achieve that level of radiance without the need for foundation. Whitening is always a bonus in accordance to the Asian mentality. Happy masking!