Eating healthy day 15: Checkpoint

So I’ve been posting these videos of me eating my dinner, which means for 15 days, I followed a diet plan and worked out. Let me reiterate what diet plan and workout regiment is.

Wake up at 7:30AM

Breakfast: 2 cups of green tea

Workout: High intensity training class at the gym during lunch break right before eating

Lunch: 1 meal replacement shake

Dinner: 1 full meal (basically the food in those videos)

Sleep before 11PM

I do this on weekdays only since weekends are spent out and about with friends. Trust me, I wouldn’t keep following this regiment if it didn’t work…

I’ve only recently started to weigh myself. I have this aversion to scales when I “feel” fat, yes, I’m so vain… I can tell you though joining a gym definitely helped with my routine. But even with going to the gym everyday, I was still hovering around 114-118. You could feel my muscles, but not see them since they were covered under a thick layer of fat. It was only after I started following this eating regiment did the pounds start to shed in addition to muscle growth. I weighed in at 109.5 lbs for a second day in a row, but the % fat dropped from 21.6% to 20.9%.

I took a look back at my previous post. At my fittest, I was 105.5 lbs and 18.8% body fat. I really don’t care much about weight, but I really want more muscles! I should figure out a way to really step up my strength training… I should probably just do more yoga.

So at a pace of 1-2% fat loss per month, I should be down to 16% by August… Haha, people usually try to lose the weight before summer, while I do it during summer, only to gain it back again in the winter months… such intense procrastination!! My reward will be those few precious months in September and maybe more trips to the tropics this winter.


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