Eating healthy day 14: Quinoa, corn and broccoli

I went to Trader Joe’s the other day and unexpectedly saw a bag of organic tricolored quinoa and instantly bought it. Following the very simple cooking instructions on the back, boil in water for 10-15 minutes, I succeeded in cooking my very first batch of quinoa. I took out from the freezer, a bag of frozen corn, broccoli and red bell pepper, and tossed half of its content in the pot with the cooked quinoa. I went a bit heavy on the seasoning with crushed black pepper, red chili flakes and olive juice from a jar, but salt would also do. The whole thing took me 20 minutes to make, most of time was actually spent cutting up fruits for my fruit salad. So it just comes to show cooking healthy food can be really fast and easy.

Grocery List:

  • Trader Joe’s organic tricolored quinoa (or any brand you prefer)
  • frozen bag of corn and broccoli
  • assortment of fruits
  • any vegetable dish

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