Home-grown goldenberries!


This goldenberry plant I planted a few month ago is taking over my windowsill space and growing berries all over the place. It probably grows a few inches a day. Since I don’t have an outdoor space to plant it, it’s just sprawled on top of my Aerogarden for the time being. Despite all the berries growing big really quickly, I’m still having a hard time preventing them from dropping before they turn yellow. So I’ve just been eating them green. They’re still sweet though, but just living up to their fullest potential.

All my plants are grown in water and coconut husk soil, no soil. This mitigates the number of bugs, which I hate. I’m also growing a lemon plant, but it’s not thriving like this goldenberry plant.

I should probably feed my goldenberry plant more nutrients, but I’ve also have had bad experiences with starving the roots of oxygen, so I need to be very careful with the nutrients I feed it. Some of the leafs are turning dry and yellow, but the majority is fine. The yellow flower in the back is pretty small, but has a recognizable design to it. I get about a fruit per flower.

After some reading, seems like the fruit has similar nutritional benefits as a tomato, anti-inflammatory, controls blood sugar and anti-oxidant rich. Seems like most of them are sold dried in stores, but I prefer eating them by peeling the paper lantern on the outside. Also, beware of dried fruit, since they don’t have the water content to help you feel fuller.

In my experience, it’s really easy to grow and it seems to self-pollenate so I don’t have to do anything but wait for the fruits to ripen. I can definitely get behind plants I can eat right away.

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