Eating healthy day 7: Ready to eat good food

Whether you buy pre-cooked packaged food or cook and pack your own, having them sitting ready to be consumed in your fridge is going to save you every time. We tend to reach for our chips and cookies because we can eat them immediately, no heating or cutting required. If you like eating good food and it’s more readily available than your chips (ASSUMING you don’t buy those chips in the first place), it’s no brainer that you’re going to eat good food. That is cravings aside, which is something to discuss another time.

Grocery List:

  • seaweed salad
  • kimchi
  • home-pickled cucumber
  • olives
  • home-pickled garlic
  • cabbage stir-fry
  • pre-packaged hummus
  • baby carrots mini-pack
  • apricot

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