Eating healthy day 5: Let’s talk meal replacement shakes

I ordered 2 cans of protein power a week ago and they finally got delivered; despite my putting the wrong apartment number on the shipping address. Phew! I started bringing them to work to as my lunch. It averages out to less than $2 a meal! The brand is IdealShape. I highly recommend the Super line because of the added superfoods in there, check out the nutrition labels to see for yourself. So far I’ve only tried the vanilla. It is super delicious and tastes just like a milk shake, with just water mixed in.

Grocery List:

  • IdealShape meal replacement shake (Not part of this meal but highly recommend it for lunch. It gives you energy and yummy taste without the drowsiness.)
  • homemade dumplings (chives, eggs, shrimp)
  • apricot
  • watermelon
  • seaweed salad
  • kimchi
  • home-pickled cucumber
  • olives
  • home-pickled garlic
  • cabbage stir-fry

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