Eating healthy day 4: Be more open minded

Since it’s the summertime, I like to go for light, refreshing and cold dishes. I’m not about to cook a bunch of dishes and stand in a hot kitchen for an hour. In this scenario, simplicity is key. You really only need to add a bit of salt and lemon juice to bring out the natural taste of food. Take avocado for example, there’s just no other flavor quite like it.

I can’t stress the importance of keeping an open mind. Yes, once we become adults, we’ve become very set in our own preferences. Unfortunately, for those of us not open to trying new foods, we are limiting our options and limiting our sources for micronutrients. I’ll take natural food over supplements any day, food taste way better.

Grocery list:

  • pre-cut watermelon slices
  • golden kiwi
  • seaweed
  • cabbage
  • avocado half
  • pickled cucumber
  • kimchi

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