Results of my 1st attempt at making a vegan protein bar

Here are the results from first recipe combination.

The final “cake” weight 1060g. I followed my original proportions with the exception of adding an addition 100g of erythritol in an attempt to make it tastier prior to baking. By my calculations, there’s an excess of 360g of water in the formula I didn’t account for originally. I had to add extra chickpea liquid because the chickpea refused to blend with the coffee grounds and chia seeds.

The cooking procedure was very straightforward, blend coffee beans until fine, add chia seeds and chickpeas and continue blending. Combine blended mixer with protein booster, “sugar” and combine by hand. Press mixture into cooking pan and bake for 20 minutes at 350*F.

Taste – 2/5 

I cut off a corner piece and tested it. I was surprised by the fact that I didn’t get hit by a truckload of coffee flavor. I also didn’t get a lot of coffee smell as the protein bar was baking, in fact, there was no smell at all. Coffee is the first flavor I taste and a mild sweetness. There was also a subtle aftertaste that reminded me of this Chinese dessert 绿豆糕 (Mung bean cake).

Texture – 3/5 

I was really concerned about its ability to hold together due to a lack of liquid in the dough. I even had to combine the ingredients by hand. However, the surprise was that it was fairly moist and springy. The chia seeds that stayed intact provided an added crunch, which make it quite fun to eat. After a few seconds of chewing, I felt my mouth becoming dry and the food becoming more jello-like. I suspect it’s due to the soluble fiber starting to absorb water and entering into a gel-like state. I would definitely drink something with it.

Presentation – 4/5 

I thought the protein bar looked very normal, not unappetizing at all. It has flakes of coffee ground and chia seeds dotting the surface. It looks like a very healthy snack.

Side effects?

I definitely felt the caffeine. I did some math and I says I ate about 20mg of caffeine in my 30g portion, but somehow it felt like a full cup of coffee. I want to try eating it before and after a workout to test its effects. After I ate the bar, I lost all urges to keep eating. I did also eat dinner right before so I don’t know for sure. I’ll have to test it on an empty stomach.

What would I change?

I wonder if it’s worthwhile trying to update the proportions of ingredients or try something new altogether. I want to try a different flavor because this was very one-dimensional with coffee at its center. I really want to try making a savory version of it.

I would eat it but I don’t think think other people would want to eat it. Try it maybe, but I’m afraid they won’t want to try new batches in the future. I’ll just have to get through the rest of my first batch myself. I cut them up into 18-29g portions and placed them in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

More to come!



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