Dill & Parsley Restaurant NYC

I want to talk about another favorite healthy fast-bite restaurant of mine in the city—Dill & Parsley. No, I don’t garner enough attention for this post to be sponsored; none of my posts are sponsored for that matter.

When you work in midtown, you have a lot of choices for lunch. Just the other day, I talked about Bocca Bliss as a great go-to for large salads that can sustain me for days. I also gave a tip on healthy eating, which is, “Variety is king. The more diverse in the species of food you’re eating, the healthier you’ll be.” If you don’t know what that means, definitely go read this.

If you take a look at their menu (I grabbed it from their site here), look at the variety of plant species they offer. It can get a bit intimidating to order if it’s your first time, so I’ll break it down for you and give you my order as an example along with some tips.


I always go with the Bowl (step 1). For value loving people out there like myself, you can load up on all of the Bases (step 2) if you want and I mean ALL of them! I usually go with wheat rice, shepard salad, eggplant + veggies, classic tomato sauce. I’m not going to talk about the other styles because I’m convinced you should get a Bowl.

For Protein (step 3), I have always, always gotten the spicy falafel. Their policy is that it’s always made fresh. I’ve actually seen them ball up the chickpea mixture and cook them. That makes a huge difference in the taste and texture. I firmly believe their mixture has the perfect density—it holds its shape really well, but it immediately falls apart in your mouth when you start to chew. If don’t know what they put in there, but I’ve never tasted anything like it. Lastly, I love that the spice actually has a kick. I can eat spicy so I’m always disappointed when a food is advertised as “spicy” but is really mild in my opinion. If you like spicy, you won’t be disappointed. Since I’ve never tried the other protein options, I can’t vouch for them.

The only disappointment is I can only pick 2 items out of the Spreads, Salads, Veggies section (step 4). I’ve always, always gotten the beet + kale salad and zucchini + dill veggies. I’m really convinced though that you can’t go wrong with any 2. I’ve tired superfood salad, it quite refreshing with the shredded cabbages and diced green apple chunks.

Finally, the Toppings (step 5). You get unlimited toppings so try them all if you want. If you haven’t guessed it, I always, always get the spicy marash. I don’t know what’s in there, but it has all my favorite flavors: spicy, salty, tangy. I’ve had pickled stuff before, too salty and sour for my taste. Very important tip here, get the sauce on the side. Otherwise, they throw the sauce all over your falafel and other stuff that I might not want sauce on.

If I had to guess, in my bowl of wheat rice, shepard salad, eggplant + veggies, classic tomato sauce, spicy falafel, beet + kale salad, and zucchini + dill veggies, topped with spicy marash, there are at least 15 plant species. Talk about efficient healthy eating! I can also taste the care that went into sourcing the raw ingredients. My bowl comes out to $11.25 total! I really can’t think of any other restaurant that can beat the value and the wealth of ingredients.

Like I’ve started to say, spread the wealth and the health by passing this along!


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