Achieve 16% Body Fat – Day 159

Happy 2018 everyone!

And brrrrrrr… it’s cold!!!! It’s winter time here in NYC and we just got hit by a bomb cyclone, aka, a really, really big storm. I haven’t gone outside since Wednesday so just trying to stay warm indoors. In the meantime, working up a sweat doing some T25 and keeping limber with some deep stretching yoga.

I keep yo-yo-ing in terms of my body fat percentage. My weight has dropped down to 113.5, body fat is around 22% give or take half a percent. I still have a ways to go to get to my goal of 16% in 7 months, less concerned about weight, but under 110 would be nice. I decided to break down the goal: 20% in March for a friend’s wedding and then 18% in April for my birthday.  The last 2% will be the hardest, so I’ll give myself 3 months to do it. Let’s do it!

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