Stop “[fill in]” i.e. watching TV

I personally find myself doing most of my overeating in front of the TV. It’s especially worse at night because I wouldn’t stop until bedtime. That means, I’m probably eating my dinner and then continuing to munch on snacks right up to going to sleep. Not a behavior that’s conducive to weight loss.

I started to test this tip on Tuesday of this week. To pass the time I normally spend watching TV, I allocated 45mins to working out, 1.5hr to playing my new old-school Super Nintendo (I don’t know why I never asked my parents to buy me one when I was little, but decided to discover what all the rave is about and purchased this from the Nintendo store), and 1hr to coloring while listening to an audiobook. I could dedicate some time to learning new songs on my guitar and practicing singing.  The possibilities are endless when I remove TV from the scenario.

First step is giving yourself some options. You might not have a TV issue, maybe TV isn’t the problem for you because you don’t have an addictive personality like I do. Just replace “TV” with something that cause you to overeat. I guess step 0 is really identifying your problem, and then come up with other things you want to do instead. Make sure those things aren’t too difficult to get started, just ease into them.

Next step is finding ways to incentivize yourself to do those other things instead. For example, I just purchased a pack of 40 colored markers and a pack of 8 glitter sharpies, I’m very excited for them to arrive, but in the meantime, I printed out some nice drawings I found online. I just Googled “adult coloring pages” and there were so many intricate designs I’m hyped about filling in with my own imagination.

I haven’t gotten the urge to watch TV so far, but I’ll update if I do.

Happy new year everyone! 🙂

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