My Fitness Apps & Tools

I’ve been using Nike+ Run app for many years now. My first logged run was probably back in 2012 and I’ve accumulated 700+ miles so far. That’s as if you ran from Manhattan to Chicago! I think it just comes to show every little thing you do adds up to a lot in the long run.

Its functionalities are pretty basic. You need to enable location though for the most accurate results, so if you worry about the app logging where you are, you should probably avoid using it. Using GPS, it tracks where you are at any given time. From that, it calculates the pace based on total distance travel and time. It shows your route on a map, which is like taking a run through memory lane.

There’s a voiceover you can customize to say how long (distance) you’ve ran, your pace, how close to your goal you are (if you set a length or distance goal). If you’re playing music, the music would be paused during the voiceover, which I don’t like.

They’ve added other features to it. I like the badges you earn based on the length, frequency and distance of your runs. You can also connect with friends and get inspired.

I also own a Fitbit, the Fitbit Alta HR.  It can track

  • Number of steps you take in a day
  • Calories burnt
  • Number of minutes you’re active (above resting heart rate)
  • Distance traveled
  • Number of hours slept (and how well)

I actually purchased in place of a watch. It does display time and date along with other metrics mentioned above. For me, it’s really fun to check my heart beat at any given time, especially during workouts.

So all the information is recorded in the Fitbit App, which comes with a dashboard, composed of separate widgets for each of its functionalities. I can drill into the widgets and get more info.

The app also have nutrition logging and calculates calorie intake. I don’t really do it, but it would help whoever uses it to become more aware and reduce overeating.

Last fun note, when I combine the Fitbit App and Nike+ Run App together (yes, I wish there was an app that combined everything for me), I can see a side-by-side view of my heart rate and the run.

At the end of the day, these are only tools. The main driver is yourself, it takes practice to get better. Also, everyone is different, so do/use whatever works for you. But if you ask me, these two things are awesome and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get fit.

Happy running!