Achieve 16% Body Fat – Day 84

2 weeks have gone by since I posted the last video on here. I’m still chugging along on my year-long journey to get fit. You can follow along with me on YouTube if you’re doing the same thing and feel it would be helpful to have a “partner”.

Unlike others who show miraculous improvements in a short amount of time, my journey is slow and full of setbacks. I do think I face a lot of the same issues most people face when it comes to losing body fat. When it feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back, I get very demotivated.

Something I remembered from my readings is,

You need both motivation and volition, or willpower. One without the other will result in failure.

Just because you’re motivated to lose weight, doesn’t mean you can unless you have the willpower to not eat that slice of pizza.

So I need to constantly will myself to keep my eyes on the goal, and I think making these videos and writing blog posts help. If I feel like someone is watching, even if no one is, then I feel accountable and empowered. I wonder if that’s how most people think and I wonder what methods others have used to accomplish their goals.

What do you do to motivate yourself? How strong is your willpower? Did you fail and why?

If you’re reading, leave a comment, even if it’s anonymous. It’s a step forward to admit failure and find another path.

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One thought on “Achieve 16% Body Fat – Day 84”

  1. While my willpower is string… my motivation is weak. A lot of the time if it doesn’t interest me, I have 0% motivation to go do it, even if it’s something I have to do (but I know I can’t live this way). I then do what I call zoning out–I stop thinking and no matter how annoying it is, just get my butt up off the seat. Then I think, well… I’m already up, might as well. Otherwise it’s excruciating to muster up the motivation to get things done.

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