Quick Meal Under 10min

For the multi-taskers out there like myself, here’s a quick 3-dish lunch, assembled in just under 10 minutes.

Dish # 1 – Wash the green, any green. Mine is Chinese broccoli, cut into 1 inch pieces, stir fried. Quick tip on stir frying, heat up the pan, add canola oil and let it heat up before dropping in the sliced garlic. Wait until the garlic is golden brown and the pan is very hot before dropping in your green. It should only take 2-3 minutes before you turn off the heat. You can leave the green in the pan until you’re ready to serve, the residual heat will finish cooking the dish.

Dish # 2 – As you’ve set your green aside, start another shallow pan on the stove and let it heat up. Drop in a whole wrap and whatever filling you want. Mine is a spinach wrap with pepper jack cheese on the inside. You can also add in sliced meat if you need meat for sustenance. Fold the wrap in half with the ingredient in the middle. Let it crisp up and the cheese will naturally melt. Take it off the heat after 2-3 minutes.

Dish # 3 – The pickled carrot requires no stove time. Use a mandolin to slice it up as thinly as it allows. Pour your choice of vinegar and a dash of salt over it, toss it a bit. I used rice vinegar since I like the combination of sweet and sour.

That’s it! From prep to cooking, all under 10 minutes.

Just to quickly talk about nutrition. Vitamin A & E form the carrots helps promote healthy eyes, skin and hair. Calcium from the broccoli, spinach and cheese allows for healthy bones, fiber for digestion, and finally selenium from 2 garlic cloves helps to protect your heart. Not to mention it all tastes delicious.

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