My Annual Physical

“Adult-ing” A new vocabulary in my personal dictionary. It means to attend to the things that are important but not always fun. Such as getting an annual physical.

I highly encourage everyone to do this starting in your early to mid-20’s. It’s important to track how your body is doing so you have time to adjust and course-correct sooner rather than later.

So I made an appointment with a new doctor at UCLA Medical and was told to fast for my blood exam. That means 10 hours of water-only diet. That’s 1 way to lose some weight. So I did and went in to the doctor’s office at 2 in the afternoon.

Blood pressure, BMI, temperature, lungs, etc., all normal.

He asks about my diet and goes, “How much red meat do you eat?”

I thought about it, aside from the occasional KBBQ, I don’t really eat beef or pork all that often. I like to stick with chicken or fish. “Once or twice a month?” I replied.

“Soda? Juice?”

“None.” I said. “I like to drink water or tea.”

“Green tea?”


“How often do you drink alcohol?” He asks.

Well ever since moving to LA, I’ve really cut down. Now that I don’t go out every week, I find myself sometimes go weeks without drinking even a beer or wine. “Once or twice a month I suppose.” I answered him after thinking about it.

Finally, he said, “It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Do you still want tips on nutrition?”

“Sure.” I would never say no to diet tips, especially from a doctor.

He hands me a sheet of paper. (I’ll put it below for reference.) Looking at it, it seems like I’m on the right track to longevity.

Next, he ordered me a series of blood exams. He especially wanted to test me for Vitamin D, saying Asian females are extremely prone to Vitamin D deficiency.

“Gee, I wonder why…”

Okay, so I think anyone can benefit from this piece of advice, but if you’re like me, Asian female, Chinese, please listen.

You need to make it a point to go outside and just be in the sun. Being pale is not worth raising the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, weak bones and diabetes. Also, just  be smart about it, wear sunblock with 30-40 SPF and don’t stay out too long. A nice walk in the morning can replace that Vitamin D supplement AND help you sleep better at night.

I used to have a Vitamin D deficiency back in NY, but that wasn’t really from lack of trying to be in the sun. Weather just didn’t always allow it. It wasn’t like I can be outside in shorts and sleeveless top every day of the year. Thankfully now that I’m in LA, I can get as much sunlight as I want all year round. My Vitamin D level is now in the normal range, no supplements taken.

I’ll just leave this last piece of fact for you to consider. Vitamin D can help you lose weight. Happy tanning! 🙂


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