Training for Spartan Beast

With less than 8 weeks to go till the Spartan Beast in Temecula, I figure it’s time for a plan and some self-discipline. Why do I buy my own BS excuses knowingly? Work hours are too unpredictable. Aunt Flow is visiting. I’m too hungry or too tired.

I like this comment on Quora,

It is because as human beings, we lack the ability to completely deprive ourselves of pleasure. For this reason, the level of discipline you’ll show in doing a certain task would depend on the amount of pleasure you derive from it. So mind you, no matter how hard you try to do something, you would easily get distracted if it is boring to you. But when you do things that are exciting, it is easy (and natural) to absorb yourself in the task.

Thank you Chukwuma Mojekwu.

I agree. I get BORED way too easily. I need that constant shuffling of activities to keep focused. Now if that doesn’t sound like an oxymoron, then…

Plan. I need a plan.

Let’s break down what the race entails shall we?

  1. 12 miles of running up & down a ski mountain – 45* angled incline?
  2. 20 obstacle courses consisting of heavy lifting, dragging, throwing,
  3. 30 burpees per easy failed obstacle

What’s my goal?

  1. Don’t do anything foolish to incur major injuries
  2. Don’t screw up any obstacles
  3. Finish under 5 hours
  4. Hydrate and refuel regularly

How am I going to train?

  1. Strict sleeping routine to make time for training
  2. Resume running, add in inclines
  3. Dead lift, squat, pull-ups

Did I miss much? Probably…

But hey, talk is easy. Let’s see if I can follow through starting now.


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