Miss Chinese New York 2013 – Part 16

July 9th

With the temperature reaching unbearable conditions, we received a special treat to the “flea market” and hours of fun at karaoke. We spent the morning browsing through stores upon stores of Chinese memorabilias, snacks and trinkets. The marketplace was actually situated in a structure that resembles the architecture of olden China from way back when. You can see parts of it in the upper left corner of our group photo. Chinese people also really like man-made waterfalls.


A pit stop at Starbucks for the American coffee drinkers and DQ for ice cream. I can honestly say I have never come across one or noticed one before then. I was educated on the DQ policy of serving the ice cream upside down or get the next one free. How interesting! Of course this DQ appealed to the Asian taste bud with flavors of green tea, red bean and taro. Of course I got the green tea flavored one and savored every last scoop, guilt-free. I was definitely undernourished from all the starvation throughout the trip.

Karaoke is Asian people’s favorite pastime. I like to caveat every performance with, “I suck at singing don’t don’t laugh” and then do just above mediocrity to gain the silent admiration of my audience. It also helps with nerves.


In our group of 14, we only have a few who can truly sing, myself not included. Singing talent aside, we all just wanted to have a good time so none of that really mattered. So we simply donned our sunglasses and bellowed into the mic like we just don’t care.


And what’s more fun than a group huddle?


When the beat drops!


Did I mention the plate after plate of food? Thank you O-Party KTV for the awesome time!


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