Miss Chinese New York 2013 – Part 15

July 8th

After 18 hours of being on set filming and cheering, we were rewarded with a relaxing day to play tourist, almost. Theme for the day, tea. Tea is the beverage I grew up drinking. Winter or summer, my grandmother always had a pot of tea brewed and ready to be consumed. It was chrysanthemum with rock sugar in the summer and green tea in the winter. Anyway, I digress. The day was unbearably hot, possibly the hottest day since we arrived in China. half of us were “randomly selected” to wear a traditional Chinese gown from the Song dynasty.



Not going to lie, I felt like a mini-celebrity with all the camera and “red carpet”. Did I mention it was a really hot day? I was sweating profusely into my gown and the material nothing but make the gown stuck to every exposed part of my skin. I could feel the sweat pooling and dripping, it was definitely a challenge not to fidget in the least.


And look at this HUGE banner they made for us. It says 2013 Miss Chinese NY, Journey to the Roots of China, sponsored by…

IMG_3057_副本 B46F4471_副本B46F4153_副本 B46F4154_副本Here’s me doing a Chinese “curtsy”.


Of course we did our dance performance again. The stage was tiny though. We could barely move around, but we made it work. On the same stage, we received a tutorial on how to use a long-spout-kettle to pour tea, or in our case, water. I must say, I imagined myself being more graceful than what the pictures depict.

B46F4553_副本 B46F4563_副本 LAM_6003

But the tea landed in the tea cup nevertheless… Thank goodness our next stop was lunch because I didn’t realize how starved I was until I took that first bite of food. It felt like I hadn’t eaten in months, rather than the 24 hours the day before.


Belly full of yummy food and slightly buzzed from the wine, we hopped on the bus once again and headed toward tea village. After a quick tour of the establishment, we settled down for an afternoon tea demo.

B46F4796_副本And a photo at the entrance of 茶膳堂 with some sponsors of ours.


The next stop was very exciting; it was the same bamboo forest where a scene from House of the Flying Daggers was filmed.

So we had to take a picture in front of the 十面埋伏 sign.


As well as the boulder engraved with the title…


And another in true martial arts style!


My battle was with mosquitoes as we toured the forest and I almost won.


The actual name of the forest was called 竹海灯勇, read from right to left.



In true pageant spirit, we walked away from the bamboo forest and bid our farewells.