Weight Loss / Training Update

Almost another month has passed since my last update and I’m happy to report my progress, slow and steady, has continued.

Weight: 105.5
Body Fat: 18.6% (athlete mode)

What have I been up to?

  1. I have not drank alcohol in a month (I just sip wine if drinking is unavoidable)
  2. I always sleep before 11pm and wake up by 6am (There were only a few occasions where I had to stay up, but I still woke up before 9am)
  3. I switched my workouts to the AM (I’m in the gym by 7am, 7:30 latest)
  4. I incorporated incline runs into my warm-up every day (max 15 incline at speed 6, which is 10 minute miles, 1 minute on, 1 minute off doing squats)
  5. I am eating a lot more protein with healthy fat (salmon especially, and seafood)
  6. Carb loading / cheat day on weekends (For recovery and motivation to eat clean and healthy during the week)
  7. Hard boiled egg white, yogurt, cottage cheese for breakfast or dinner
  8. Purchased a Nike+ Fuel Band to motivate myself to move more throughout the day
  9. Bike or walk everywhere (I would take the subway only if I had no choice)
  10. Surround myself with company until it’s time for bed (Prevents me from boredom eating)

I may sound like a crazy person that’s over-the-top committed, but these things have become second nature to me that I don’t find it difficult at all. I’m seeing the results I want and I haven’t sacrificed my social life, much. I even think I’ve influenced some of my friends to strive towards some of these them. Pick and choose what works for you and stick to it, just give it time.

I end simply with, “don’t just say what you want to do, do it!”

Happy Friday everyone!


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