Good Posture and Weight Loss

I have always had bad posture growing up and constantly being told by my mom to stop slouching. In the past couple of months, I’ve been making a conscious effort to make improvements. Yoga and weight training has helped me greatly in the process by building up my core and supporting muscles.
CaptureI’m well aware that sitting for extended periods of time and slouching are harmful to my health, but I was surprised by how much. I found thisĀ diagram that breaks it down. The concept is the same, even if I’m not sitting and watching TV, I’m still sitting and staring at my monitor for more than 7 hours a day.

If mortality isn’t your biggest concern, the other side of developing good posture is the associated benefits to weight loss. By getting up a moving around every hour or so, you burn twice as much calories than just sitting down. Every minute that you walk is equivalent of Ā 2 calories. Even if you get up and walk for a minute every hour throughout a work day, that’s 20 calories right away! This is not including the added benefits of stretching and muscle activity that would help keep your metabolism at a higher constant rateĀ whileĀ sitting, burning more calories overall.

What I’ve doneĀ is I’ve set up hourlyĀ reminders on my calendar to GET UP. I canĀ walk around, stretch, do some yoga posesĀ orĀ rest my eyes while resting on the desk. I think it’s a healthy habit to develop and hopefully some day I won’t need the reminders.

Here a great article I found on yoga poses you can do at work.


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