Weight Loss Update

I’ve be continuing with my regiment from June for the last 3 weeks, minus the ab workouts. Progress has slowed but luckily it hasn’t stopped. As of this morning, I am at:

Weight: 105

Body Fat: 18% (20% if I opt for the Athlete option, though I’m not sure if I can be considered an athlete)

Breakfast is still a veggie berry smoothie with a scoop of protein powder. Lunch on weekdays is still a salad and dinner is yogurt with fruit. Weekends always set me back, but I think I deserve a reward after 5 straight days of strict eating and working out.

My new motivation is training for Spartan Super race on September 6th. I signed up with a group of my friends, having wavered on my decision for an entire day. In the end, I wanted the challenge and the opportunity to test my physical and mental strength. Spartan Super is different from Tough Mudder in that Spartan is more military style obstacles courses that are designed to test individuals rather than a team. I’ll likely be climbing ski slopes and running with a 20 pound log on my shoulder. Fun… Endurance and strong legs are a must.

Recently, I’ve started to swim every morning, 15-20 minutes depending on how much time I have. On top of that, I also attended my first Warriors Bootcamp Class, an hour of non-stop drills and running. There are points where I felt like giving up and I probably felt pretty miserable, but surprisingly the hour went by faster than I expected and I was perfectly fine at the end. Now I’m even looking forward to the next class. There were obstacles that we had to pass through and I’m happy to say, I passed them with flying colors, I even amazed myself.

It’s hard to imagine that just a little over 5 months ago, I was in a wrist brace and weighed 115 pounds. I was barely able to support myself in a plank, let alone climb walls. 🙂

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