Day 20 of CAC

20140620-110240-39760944.jpgGuess what arrived in the mail yesterday? Fat Loss Monitor! I was so excited when I received it yesterday that I broke it out and measured myself. 23% body fat. Around Day 7 of CAC, I measured using the caliper and it was around 24%. Just the other day, I estimated I’ve lost about 1% since then and now I have proof! 

The monitor came with an instruction manual and it says good times to measure if upon waking, 2 hours after meals and right before sleeping. This is to ensure no excess water is retained in your body during time of measurement. In my excitement, I forgot I had just eaten a bowl of berries and drank a ton of water after my hot yoga session, so perhaps it wasn’t as accurate as it should be.

20140620-111145-40305417.jpgAs of this morning, upon waking, I took the following measurements.

Weight: 107 lbs

% Body fat: 21.4%

The measurement varies depending on how much food/water is retained in your body, so it’s important to measure at the same time each day.

I would ideally like to  lose another 3% or by losing fat and gaining muscles. I’m not so much concerned with my weight as the protrusion of fat when I wear something tight or bend around the waist. If I’m standing, fine, it’s stretched out. But you you can really tell is when you’re crunched up. Not a pretty picture…

For me, it’s very motivating to see the actual results and more interestingly, to have a partner who’s trying to accomplish the same goal. I have a guy friend who’s also trying to lose a few more % of body fat. Trust me, we know we’re not “fat”, but that beach body requires hard work and dedication. By turning this process into a competition, we’ve added an extra level of motivation and the outcomes will seem so much sweeter. I’ll also keep you posted on his progress! He’s around 16%, which is normal for guys

Day 20 Smoothie: 2 celery stalks, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 5 basil leafs, 1 lemon (peels on), protein powder, matcha powder and 10 fl oz of water

It’s Friday again, 3rd Friday since I started the Cleanse for Abs Challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Day 20 of CAC”

  1. I can certainly see a difference. Aside from the body tone, your skin looks healthier in the most recent photo. Great job!

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