Miss Chinese New York 2013 – Part 12

July 5th

I woke up to my alarm. Feeling the rock solid bed beneath me and seeing pitch darkness with the curtains pulled tightly shut, it took me a minute to realize I was officially in Chongqin, Xichuan Province (重庆,西川). I slept for about 7 hours, the longest I’ve ever slept since the beginning of the trip. Yet, that 7 hours felt like minutes. Despite the wooden board they call a bed, I slept really well. Taking a moment to wake up, I slowly make my way to the bathroom and go through my morning routine.

After waking my roommate up, I worked my way to hair and makeup. My makeup artist was still asleep when I knocked on her door, guess maybe she knew something I didn’t about our activities for today. Rain, rain and more rain…

Breakfast was anti-climatic compared to what I was used to eating in Xian. Since the hotel was also just okay, I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much. The plan for the day was for use to visit and tour the site where we’ll be taping a show called “妹儿雄赳赳” or “Rise Up Girls”. Obviously at the time, the rain refused to let up and all we did was stay in the bus, only to return to the hotel again after an hour of waiting.

1368669_10200661634248528_478173882_nMeanwhile, let’s take some selfies! The makeup is very light with hair is braided to one side.

Thinking back, it was probably bad luck on our end to have not seen what the fuss this competition was all about and not doing the necessary research for the following day.

Our team leader called for a meeting immediately upon returning to the hotel to tell us a little more about the competition. Everything was very, very vague. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what I had gotten myself into.

I’ve always been an athletic person, so of course I volunteered after learning the fact that it was a series of mini games against another team of girls, all taking place in MUD. No problem, I’ve done Tough Mudder before so I’m used to getting down and dirty. How hard can it be?

I really wished I had been less confident and more anxious, maybe then I would have Googled what the competition was actually about and made a plan of attack. I was named team captain, probably due to my over-confidence… Note to self, take things that are unclear VERY seriously so that I would be propelled to find out exactly what I’ve signed up for.

The competition was BRUTAL. To find out, I’m afraid you’ll have to tune in next week. Remember to follow me via Email or Facebook to get the latest posts and updates!

Oh, here’s a sneak peak:

IMG_1949_副本The remainder of the day was very relaxing. I was treated to a foot/body massage by a good family friend. I slept like a baby that day. It was probably the most relaxing day out of the entire trip, just like the calm before the storm…

[To be continued…]

Day 20 of CAC

20140620-110240-39760944.jpgGuess what arrived in the mail yesterday? Fat Loss Monitor! I was so excited when I received it yesterday that I broke it out and measured myself. 23% body fat. Around Day 7 of CAC, I measured using the caliper and it was around 24%. Just the other day, I estimated I’ve lost about 1% since then and now I have proof! 

The monitor came with an instruction manual and it says good times to measure if upon waking, 2 hours after meals and right before sleeping. This is to ensure no excess water is retained in your body during time of measurement. In my excitement, I forgot I had just eaten a bowl of berries and drank a ton of water after my hot yoga session, so perhaps it wasn’t as accurate as it should be.

20140620-111145-40305417.jpgAs of this morning, upon waking, I took the following measurements.

Weight: 107 lbs

% Body fat: 21.4%

The measurement varies depending on how much food/water is retained in your body, so it’s important to measure at the same time each day.

I would ideally like to  lose another 3% or by losing fat and gaining muscles. I’m not so much concerned with my weight as the protrusion of fat when I wear something tight or bend around the waist. If I’m standing, fine, it’s stretched out. But you you can really tell is when you’re crunched up. Not a pretty picture…

For me, it’s very motivating to see the actual results and more interestingly, to have a partner who’s trying to accomplish the same goal. I have a guy friend who’s also trying to lose a few more % of body fat. Trust me, we know we’re not “fat”, but that beach body requires hard work and dedication. By turning this process into a competition, we’ve added an extra level of motivation and the outcomes will seem so much sweeter. I’ll also keep you posted on his progress! He’s around 16%, which is normal for guys

Day 20 Smoothie: 2 celery stalks, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup mixed berries, 5 basil leafs, 1 lemon (peels on), protein powder, matcha powder and 10 fl oz of water

It’s Friday again, 3rd Friday since I started the Cleanse for Abs Challenge.

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