Portion Control

20140612-163626-59786530.jpgMy mom always used to say. “早上吃好. 中午吃饱. 晚上吃少.”, which literally translated means “Breakfast eat well. Lunch eat full. Night eat little.” Something easier said than done, we tend to switch breakfast with dinner in that our dinners are always luxurious and abundant.

Take Tuesday of this week for example. Being too lazy to prepare a full meal for lunch and having little time in the morning, I threw together some half cut-up stalks of celery, cucumber and lettuce leafs as well as some cherry tomatoes and 1/3 cup of hummus. Unfortunately, that was not a complete meal in any sense (more like a snack) and I was famished by the time I arrived at home.

For dinner, I tried to be good by sticking to fruits and vegetables. When that wasn’t enough, I broke out some dark chocolate. Then an apple. Then I decided to make some oatmeal raisin cookies, thinking I’ll eat 1 today and 1 every day going forward. Ate 5. Luckily they were small and somewhat healthy since I made it with whole oats and whole wheat flour, with just 1/2 a cup of brown sugar for a hint of sweetness. Besides, the ingredients are all good for me, as I justified to myself…

In conclusion, I’m never bs’ing my lunch again. Lunch is meant to be the most important meal of the day and I need to eat enough to not be starving by dinner time. Taking my own advice, I’ve brought real food the last 2 days and even a snack to hold me over if I get too hungry.

Breakfast is where I sacrifise taste and get in as much nutrients as I can, starting with multi-vitamin and B-complex supplements. I know my body isn’t going to absorb all of it, but it serves to replenish the body with nutrients that were used throughout the night to rebuild muscles and repair itself.

Remember, eat a nutrient-packed breakfast, a filling lunch and a light dinner. I like to end the day with antioxidant packed berries and probiotic-rich non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.

Happy and healthy eating! 🙂

Day 12 of CAC

I dropped 1 lb since yesterday! Honestly, I’m pretty sure the 0.5 – 1 lb fluctuations are due to water weight. But hopefully, muscles are slowly taking the place of fat. My skin does feel tighter, so that’s a good sign.

Weight: 109 lbs

I started carrying out my plan from yesterday and it appears to be working. I squatted 95 lbs 15 times for a total of 4 sets. That’s 60 ups and downs, hence I’m in need of some serious stretching. Hence, hot yoga day today. A friend recommended that I use free bar next time in order to engage different muscle groups as stabilizers. Good idea, but I worry being my clumsy self, I might drop it on someone or myself and cause some serious injuries. I’ll think about it…

Post-strength training, I also did a thousand meters in the pool as cardio. I actually met a very interesting older (guessing 60+ since he looked about 40) African American gentlemen at the pool. He struck up a conversation with me and wouldn’t let me politely end the conversation right away.

What did I learn?

I learned that he was going for his swimming instructor re-certification. The exam involves swimming 100m (~4 laps) with a 200lb mannequin in each of the 4 styles. Running in the water for 50m and something else. That’s nothing, he says, compared to what his coach used to make him do, like swim with a wet suit and converse.

At the end, still reluctant to let me go, he told me a real shocker. He lost about 90 lbs (265 to 175) since last year after he started swimming again. That’s an entire teenage girl (yes, I used to be 90 lbs when I was 16)! Along with some ab workout tips: find a parallel bar and bind your legs to either side. Body raises on steroids. He says it’s not hard, he does it… Man, old people are amazing and really inspirational. You bet I’m raising my game as well!

Day 12 Smoothie: 10 fl oz of water, 1 whole organic lemon (peels on), 1 cup frozen spinach, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 tbsp matcha powder, 1 tbsp protein powder — w/ addition of: 1/3 cup cucumber and pineapple

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