Day 11 of CAC

Ever since I injured my foot on Saturday, I haven’t been able to do any running or other cardio, and it’s taking its toll. A friend of mine said working out is detrimental to the body and I would agree but I would also add, not working out is detrimental to my fat cutting goal.

My workout has been limited to the Abs Challenege each morning and a quick weight training session the last 2 days. Also out of curiosity, I googled whether hot yoga count as cardio. Unfortunately just because my heart is pounding doesn’t necessarily mean I’m working as hard as when I run. Less movement = not cardio. With that being said, yoga is great for muscle toning and flexibility. Ladies, if you want to shapely legs and waist, yoga is the way to go.

I can keep making excuses or I can suck it up and admit I’m back to square 1 when I first started last Monday. Weight is back at 110.

So, instead of wallowing in selfpity, what’s my next plan?

1. Eat cleaner and cut out alcohol completely. I realized every bite and sip counts for me. In order to work towards my goal, some sacrifises need to be made. No more cheat foods for the time being.

2. Join a gym that has a swimming pool. Luckily there is a pool close to my apartment that offeres lap swim 7am-9am and 6:30pm-9:20pm every day. As it’s also getting closer to summer, it might start to get too hot to run in the morning. This makes me think about chopping my hair to shoulder-length so it’s easier to wash and dry.

3. Heavier weights. I realized my 20lb kettlebell has become too light for me after using it to work out all winter. Joining the gym will take care of that. I’m going straight for that squat/bench press machine.

4. Schedule activities that do not revolve around eating on weekends. Preferrably activities that involves physical exertions.

5. Continue with large smoothies for breakfast

Day 11 Smoothie: 10 fl oz of water, 1 whole organic lemon (peels on), 1 cup frozen spinach, 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries, 1/2 tbsp matcha powder, 1 tbsp protein powder — w/ addition of: 1/3 cup cucumber and 1/4 cup celery leafs

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