Day 8 of CAC

Made it through all of yesterday without eating fruits, vegetables and carbs. Luckily the BBQ had plenty of meat and not so much of everything else, though the chips were very tempting. Results?

Weight – 108lb (no change)

Waist – 24in (no change)

% Body Fay – 14 belly, 5 biceps, 13 triceps, 10 back (shaving a few mm here and there but nothing definitive)

What did I eat all of yesterday?

Breakfast – 1 scoop of soy protein powder (0g of sugar)

Lunch – 6 small shrimps, 1 burger patty, ~5oz of galbi steak, 3 small chicken wings, 1 rib

I did eat some watermelon but I just equate that to water since watermelon is basically 91% water.

Dinner – I wasn’t feeling hungry at all after 40 minutes of intense beach soccer and 30 minutes of volleyball, just very very thirsty. I just had 1 burger patty and called it a day.

How did I feel?

I basically moved between 3 grills and picked at food that looked good. Looking back, I realized I may not have eaten much at all, but that fullness settled in fairly quickly and I stayed full all day.

I will try the Dukan Method for one more day today and see if I see any results tomorrow.

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