Day 7 of CAC

I finally measured myself with some real tools and here’s what I think is close to accurate:

Weight – 108 (dropped another .5lbs, yay!)

Waist – 24in

Caliber Method: Belly (16), Back (14), Triceps (10), Biceps (5) for a total of 45mm give or take 5 mm

% Body Fat – 23.5% – 25% range, so we’ll just say 24%, which makes sense since I would be in the fitness zone. My goal is to get down to 20% then I should be golden.

Today is a beach BBQ day, which gives me a reason to forgo my normal diet and give in to my carnivorous urges. For all of today, I will eat nothing but protein, preferably lean protein. This is following the Dukan Diet. This is short term for me of course. Supposedly, and I quote from this article, “A short-term, protein-rich regime like this will purge the tissues of excess water, dull the appetite (if you eat only protein foods, your body produces ketonic cells that are powerful natural appetite suppressants) while maintaining muscle tone and skin glow.”

I began my breakfast instead of the usual smoothie, with a straight-up protein shake. I’m still take my vitamin supplements so I should be okay for 1-2 days on this diet in terms of nutrients. I’m very curious as to if this would work.

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