Miss Chinese New York 2013 – Part 9

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Rewind to the morning of July 1st, 2013…

The trip I’ve been waiting for and the ultimate motivation for joining the pageant is finally here! I am getting picked up by the car service in front of my building at 7AM for my international flight at 12:30PM. Looking at the itinerary for the 50th time, I still can’t believe this trip is actually happening.


Cab gets to the airport and I spot my pack immediately. A huddle of young girls wearing pick tank tops and black tights with a white, somewhat see-through hoodie. Yep, that’s us. I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of packing light. I only brought with me a large suitcase and a small carry-on sized luggage along with my pink Nike gym bag for 2 weeks worth of non-stop activity and shows. And luckily we’re all tough girls who can carry our own bags, or rather we had to.

IMG_9776_副本After checking in our suitcases, we arrived at our terminal and took over a row of seats, no shame. With not a moment to spare, pictures and selfies commenced and here we are as a group sitting by the window. Yes, that’s me with the large, nerdy, rectangular-shaped glasses. Thanks to my LASIK surgery, no more glasses for life, yay! Also, for some reason, I look like I’m 10 years old in this picture. Except not the me at 10 since I was definitely considered an overweight child…

LAM_3011Boarding was as hectic as usual with girls eagerly swapping seats and settling in while I was too tired to care and just wanted to sit and pass out. I always have this thought cross my mind which is, my flight to America for the first time at the age of 9 seemed to have lasted for an eternity. Never again did I feel that way about another flight. But it was also the first time I’ve been stuck in a transportation device for over 10 hours…

Finally, we got to stretch our legs in this gigantic Beijing airport. Single and double file ladies! We did get a lot of stares, even someone ask if we were the national women gymnast or tennis team, haha!

IMG_9979_副本imagesAfter a short transfer stop in Beijing, we boarded a second plane that took us to Xian. Xian is one of the oldest cities in China and is now the capital of Shanxi Province. Xian, used to be called Changan, is one of China’s four great ancient capitals. I have always wanted to visit the city, but never had the chance while living in China for 9 years. Now finally, I got the chance!

Full speed ahead with smiles and laughter!



[To be continued…]

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