Brushing Your Teeth Can Prevent Munchies

Cravings are not always for the flavor, sometimes it’s just the urge to chew and munch. For this reason, I can easily go through a pack of gum in a week in order to combat that urge. On the other hand, I also turn to gum, feeling self-conscious and worrying if I have bad breath from something I ate earlier.

I used to sneer at the odd person that takes her tooth brush and tooth paste into the girls bathroom after lunch hour. Now I realized she’s quite a genius! I picked up this habit about a month ago with a small tube of tooth paste and a cheap tooth brush, which I leave in my desk drawer.

Since I associate brushing with “no more food”, the action of brushing amazingly gets rid of any remaining food cravings after perhaps a less than satifactory lunch. I am also self-assured because I know my breath smells minty fresh and looks sparkling clean. Double WIN.


I also like to sip on a cup of hot green tea after I’ve settled down at my desk post-brushing. The tea gives me just enough caffine to help me focus my attention on the act of working. Additionally, green tea also aids with digestion and is packed with antioxidants. Happy brushing and tea sipping!


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