Delicious (Somewhat) Healthy Finds

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at Trader Joe’s lately and I made some delicious discoveries that’s somewhat healthy.

These dark chocolate covered edamame is both sweet, crunchy, savory and packed with protein (not to mention a lot of sugar and fat).  These can be great treats, if you can limit yourself to 5 pieces each time!

Ezekiel sprouted bread is pretty tasty but the bonus is that at 80 calories per slice, it contains 4g of fiber and is considered a low glycemic food. I can be a healthier alternative to bread. The taste is a bit on the chewy and drier side, but who doesn’t like chewy bread?

These dark chocolate bars with 85% cocoa are packed with chocolate flavors. I’m happy to report that it’s low on added sugar, but taste very sweet for some odd reason. I love that it comes in 2 packages of thin chocolate bars cut into 16 mini pieces. That can last me a month if I only eat one piece each time. It’s also economically sound at only $2!


These coconut chips are seriously addicting! If you’re craving that crunchy texture of chips, this is the perfect snack with a healthy dose of coconut fat and meat. While potato/rice chips have zero nutritional value, these chips are actually good for you. Despite the packaging, you only get about a handful of chips, so eat sparingly!


I don’t know why dried prunes get a bad rep, but they are seriously delicious and helps regular bowel movement. Just don’t eat too much if you know what I mean… Each prune is moist and chewy, filled with sweet goodness.

91D6wK0qXYL._SL1500_Last, but not least, eat with CAUTION and RESERVE! Other than that, happy rewarding yourself! 🙂


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