Drastic Measures



Panic set in about two months ago and it was when I realized I have truly LET MYSELF GO. How the heck did that happen? Winter fat has got to go!

Goal, check.

Plan, check.

Execution, check.

Result, check! I can happily report I have lost 5% body fat (plus about 7lbs) in the last 1.5 months thanks to my ULTIMATE slimmed-down routines. The key: dedication is a must!

1. Calorie Cutting

First, always keep in mind: A net of 3600 calories is equivalent to 1 pound.

Daily food intake – normal daily routine – exercise = net calories

This is the basis on which everything else in my routine is built upon.

2. Carb Cutting

No more bread, pasta, rice! This somewhat resembles the paleo diet with the addition of  3 additional rules, no processed food, no food with added sugar and portion control. Of course makes life very difficult, especially in New York. This lead to a lot of turned down meals out, drinking and staying out late.

On a typical day, I drink a 20 oz smoothie.¬†It keeps me full and since work usually distracts me from thinking about food, I don’t realized I’m hungry until noon. But by noon I am starving. Lunch is strictly¬†salad, with white meat. When I have time, I make turkey meatballs or eggplant stuffed with ground turkey. Other times I just buy the store-bought already cooked chicken breast. (Interesting fact: baby carrot is actually just¬†regular carrots cut up into smaller pieces). Dinner is usually around 7 and by then, I make sure to eat very little.¬†lots of fruit and yogurt. Dinner is berries¬†and yogur, which is basically sugar, fiber and water. The first day or two is not hard, it gets harder toward the end of the week. It’s only seeing results after 2 days that keeps me motivated.

3. Late Night Cutting

I always complain about not having enough time in the morning to work out, which is actually the best time and most effective. Waking up at 6:30AM was unthinkable for me even half a year ago. Now, I can’t sleep past 7. I get enough sleep and I now have the time for a quick workout in the morning.

4. Cardio, Muscles, Flexibility

I work out for at least 20 minutes each time, twice a day. My workouts range from weight training, running 2-4 miles, or hot yoga at YTTP. By gaining muscles, you can speed up the process of fat burning. Hot yoga helps with detoxing through sweating, and I mean lots of sweating.

5. Rewarding Yourself

Schedule cheat meals/days. Our ancestors often undergo¬†periods of food shortage and low calorie intake, but followed by gorging on large meals after a successful hunt. Carb loading isn’t a bad idea, especially when I notice I get a lot more energy for working out afterwards.

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