Go for shorter, harder, and more consistent workouts

Happy snow… slash rain… slash SLUSHY day? Anyway…

So I recently read an article that said long workouts are doing you more harm than good. Hence it inspired me to write this post. Remember my previous weight loss tip about working out doesn’t negate bad eating habits? This new tip is somewhat relevant.  You really shouldn’t be pushing yourself beyond your limit just to work off the extra calories you consumed the night before. I’ll give you an example.

My mom exercises regularly, zumba, swimming, and strength training at the gym. After I casually commented that she should focus more on muscle building and work off an inch or two off her waist, she got all offended and pulled her back during class the next day attempting a heavier set of weights. I felt terrible! Sorry Mom, didn’t mean for you to take me so literally… So my point is, there is no quick solution. The key is building your body through consistently harder workouts.

All I do each day is a quick 15 minute interval weight training workout and it’s enough. I work up a sweat and I feel my muscles building. I also recommend doing cross fit, again only if your body is able to handle the workout. If you want a longer workout period, try swimming! Buoyancy = good. 🙂


On a side note: The article also said long workouts may in fact shorten your life span. Cardio is important but you’re also adding a lot of stress to your body if you do it for an extended amount of time. That’s why athletes have such short career span, hard work just isn’t conducive to longevity. Remember, your muscles determine how much pressure your joints can handle. Want to prevent joint and back pain of old age? Work those muscles!

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