Be Wary of Fat-Free Items

I know I have at some point in my past made the mistake of believing that as long as I cut down on fat, I am guaranteed to slim down. It’s true to some extent, but cutting out all fat is extremely dangerous! But I digress. My main point here is to advise you to reconsider food that you have always deemed as “eat as much as I want” food just because it’s labeled “fat-free”.

For example, fat free yogurt. Just because the yogurt is void of fat, doesn’t mean they don’t contain sugar, natural or otherwise. In fact, companies may put in MORE sugar to compensate for the taste. Remember my last tip? Processed sugar is BAD however you look at it. Make sure you always check the sugar content on the label beforehand.

Lastly I want to say, any food consumed at an overabundance will hamper your health and weight loss goals. Portioning and variety is key to any healthy diet.

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