Oatmeal “Mukies” with Fresh Berries

I’m all about reusing materials I already have in my fridge to make something delicious and healthy. I recently became addicted to making what I dubbed as “mukies” or a cross between a muffin and a cookie.



  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the cookie mix – mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cups of oil, and 3tbp of water
  2. Spoon out a generous amount of mix into paper liner placed in a muffin tin
  3. Sprinkle as much blueberries/cranberries on top (flaxseeds optional)
  4. Bake at 375* for 15 minutess

I suggest eating it when it’s warm, it’s delicious. Check back for another recipe I’m about to try that does not come from a cookie mix.

Pick the Healthier Alternative at Social Functions

Speaking from personal experience, it’s very tough saying no to that slice of pepperoni pizza, those chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies and those chocolate brownies you can always expect at an office holiday lunch. What, with a speech and all from your superior, you’re stuck in that roomful of appetizing treats and unavoidable smells coming from melted cheese and baked bread, for at least 30 minutes. What normal person can resist? I myself have been guilty of pigging out every time it happened in the past, but not this year!

It’s normal to eat whatever is placed in front of you when it looks good, wether you’re hungry or not.  Your brain is telling you to pick up that slice of delicious looking pizza and chow down because you need to store up as much calories as you can in case you suddenly face a famine. Sure, it happens all the time, when we were roaming the earth ten thousand years ago. Today, you need to remind your brain constantly that “THERE IS PLENTY OF FOOD”.

There are a small percentage of us that perhaps have evolved enough to be able to control that urge to overeat and stuff our faces. They enjoy food but understand enough is enough and the food will always be there if you want to taste it again. A mentality that’s common to people who subject them to strict healthy diets is the desire to binge on junk food. I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat this food again so I need to eat as much as I can now. I’ve definitely come across this situation many times and it’s hard to bounce back from a binge. It’s a lot of hard work and you risk giving up each time. Who’s to say I won’t give in next time and just eat until I’m 200 pounds? Scary thought, but true for many people I’m sure. Not caring because they feel powerless to help themselves.

Everyone have different principles and gives different weights to their believes. I believe strong in health and beauty, so my desire to succeed and determination to carry through with that principle has always been strong. I can’t say the same for other things like double-checking my work each time and making sure everything I deliver is perfect for work. I’m not determined in learning a new language or learning a new instrument. I could wish for those things, but I know I won’t get there unless someone is helping me every step of the way. Which is how I know it’s tough for people to actually follow through with that new year resolution to become healthier and looking slimmer.

So make that new years resolution and stay strong. Remember one tip each day and practice it every time you’re faced with food decisions.

Tip #1 – Ask yourself, “Is there a healthier alternative?” If the answer is yes and that healthier option can be obtainable with limited effort, go for that healthier option. You’ll thank yourself and feel amazing afterwards.

Well, how do I know if it’s healthy?

Bookmark this growing list of healthy food HERE and revist often to commit it to memory.

Now let’s practice it!

Pizza – Is there a healthier alternative? Yes – almost anything is healthier and more nutritionally beneficial to me since pizza has 0 nutritional value

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Is there a healthier alternative? Yes, I can go with the atmeal Raisin Cookie since oatmeal is actually good for me – Is there a healthier alternative still? Yes – I can make my own oatmeal cookie with fresh berries and only consume a portion of the fat and sugar (recipe here)

Tip #2 – Baking your own cookies and pies can help thwart your cravings for more readily-available pre-made counterparts