Food Confession

Last week = cheat week

My excuses: I’m not allowed to work out due to my LASIK and it’s Thanksgiving, let’s go nuts!

I expected to blow up like a balloon, but it actually wasn’t the case. BIG surprise! I guess I would have to attribute it to a shrunken stomach and all the muscles I’ve built up. I didn’t experience a significant loss of muscles, in fact, I think they actually got stronger. Here’s an extensive article about recuperation. I didn’t read through it but the info seemed very comprehensive.

All week I ate like a madwoman, but still relatively healthy meals. I also avoided eating in between meals and was waking up and sleeping early. For work, I would wake up around 6:30 every day and sleep by 10:30. My first meal would be at 7 and last meal would be at 8.

My food (sweets) confession: I bought and ate a lot of pastries – red bean, custard, ham n’ corn, melon pan, sesame cookies, and apple croissant. My sweet tooth was very much satisfied. I also ate a lot of pudding, they taste really good frozen!  I baked as well. I baked a brownie with unsweetened baking chocolate – they are surprisingly easy to make and you can control how sweet you want it to be. What else did I bake? I also baked oatmeal and cranberry cookies/muffins. I used oatmeal cookie mix but put them in muffin tins and topped them with frozen cranberries. The cranberries help cut through the sweetness. Baking is actually really easy! I should have baked sweet potatoes…

Trip home = 3 Thanksgiving dinners

My Gluttonous confession: I can always find snacks at home because it’s so easy for my mom to go to Costco and buy them in bulks. I got addicted to these coconut-vanilla-covered-cashews. They are soooooooooo good! I probably finished 1/4 of the whole container in the time I was home (4 days). I also missed home cooking so definitely went nuts during meal times. I guess I should feel lucky to not have access to so much food – there’s only so much I can carry home from the grocery store and spending money on empty calories just feels wasteful. HAHAHA. The dinners started Thursday with lamb chops, red bean rice cake, dumplings, shrimp, beef, chicken soup, and ice cream. Friday was fondue and Saturday was an all-day feast! (These pics are on my Instagram)

1486313_10201172032648169_225689533_o 1464441_10201172038288310_1905380616_o 1479280_10201172037608293_1617424773_o 1460904_10201172038888325_1708518707_o 1467666_10201172036368262_677566002_o 1472582_10201172037088280_2124850729_o 1480850_10201172036008253_1236119051_o 1481008_10201172035088230_1887245917_o 1487121_10201172034688220_385246588_o

I also snacked on chocolate truffles, cookies and honey pretzel twists. My mom makes these delicious shaobing (pastry make with flour and has many layers separated by peanut butter and topped with sesame seeds) I can probably eat 5 in one sitting, but I settled with 2. Huge no-no’s but oh so good!

Okay, no regrets! If anything, it should be motivation to eat healthy and work out extra hard this week, which is what I’ve been doing. Below are my meals and exercises in the last two days. Just have to keep it up for a week and I should see results… 3600 cal = 1 lb (hopefully of fat!)

Breakfast: berry smoothie
Lunch: 6 dumplings and cabbage leaves soup
Dinner: spinach smoothie
Exercise: ran 4 miles outside

Breakfast: berry smoothie
<I got stressed out and also hungry, hence...>
Pre-lunch: 3 cups of cereal with almond milk 
<With 2 tablets of Nutrilite carb blocker>
Lunch: 6 dumplings and lettuce leaves soup
Dinner: spinach smoothie
Exercise: 1 hour of hot yoga

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