Miss New York Chinese 2013 – Part 8

How great I perceive myself to be affects how I feel.

I’m curious as to how many people does this statement affect and to what extend. As for me, I would say it’s definitely true and the two are highly correlated in my case.

That’s so vain! Appearance isn’t everything you know?

Very true, but people have different reasons why they would be affected. It’s especially true when you’re the type of person that are in tuned with the feelings on others around you. I find myself to belong in that category. For example, I can naturally pick up a person’s emotions and thoughts just by being around them and engaging in a short conversation. I can’t help it and nor can I turn it off. I also  have a tendency to take things very personally. I hate it when people say to be, “Don’t take it personally.”

How can I when I remember everything that’s said about me for days at a time? Say it but don’t tell me not to take it personally because it is personally.

But, I also think this fact works to my advantage. I actually feel exceptionally happy when I know I look great so I don’t mind going the extra mile to make it happen. Anyway, I digress.

Take 2

2.張凝 Nina ZhangThroughout the whole process of prepping for China and the events leading up to the final competition, I was most disturbed at how often instructions and events are announced last minute. I can understand how accommodating they expect students to be since they’re all on summer vacation, but as a full time worker, I didn’t have that luxury. I wish they made this shoot more painless, but fortunately it wasn’t overly complicated. After getting hair and makeup done, I had my head shot retaken. I must admit it looks a lot better than the first one though I was annoyed at having to redo it.

And I must admit, this round of head shots for all the contestants were very well done compared to semi-finals. With the exception of some, we all look true to reality. It was also around this point in the competition that the pageant committee informed everyone to go and purchase circle lenses that enlarge and change the color of your irises. Most of us in the pictures on our official site are wearing them. I think it makes a huge difference in giving that extra spark of cuteness and friendliness too much whiteness of your eyes give off.

Many people (strangers and friends) have asked me or commented on my eyes because they do look extraordinarily big. So, if you’re interested, I’ll spend a moment here to talk about where to buy them and how best to care for them. There is this one shop in the Flushing New World Mall that sells the, but if you ask me, they are a huge ripoff. If you can wait a month, it’s better to order them online. This is the site I’ve used for the past several years. http://www.ebeautyna.com/ 

My favorite brand is Pop.c. 15.5cm in diameter or Poppy 16cm. If you’re going to wear them, why not go for the extra large. Otherwise, what’s the point? These lenses are at least $10 cheaper than in stores. Some tips for maintenance and sanitary health, use this brand of contact solution: Clean Care. I’ve worn contacts for the better part of 10 years now and circles lenses for half of that. I’ve never had eye issues so I don’t agree with the warnings some people give about circle lenses. However, I will be getting LASIK in a week and after that, I’ll definitely wear contacts much less often – probably only when there’s a special occasion that I want to dress up for. I’ve ordered 2 -0.00 (Plano) pairs to use in the future.

Self-Promo Video

This video was definitely one of the coolest products from the pageant. My very own video! Before I talk about, just have a view – it’s only about 50 seconds.

The shoot started as any other with hair and makeup. That day, we were told to bring two outfits, both casual. But since I learned to take their instructions with a grain of salt, I brought more than that just in case. A good thing I did too. What they failed to mention was exactly what we were suppose to do that day until I went in.

When I got to the hotel lobby where they were shooting the video, I saw an area set up with lights, reflector panels, cameras, microphones and a chair. That’s when I realized what it was for. I pretty much went in without any prep. I had to quickly come up with and memorize a short self-intro. Not hard, but I definitely wish I could have done more prep in the mirror. Still I must say the camera crew, Kim and Tanya, are extremely good at their job.

There were three parts to this video shoot.

Part I (Interview) This was pretty much what we did inside the hotel lobby where we sat in a chair and did a quick 1 minute self-intro. They overlaid the audio on top of the other two scenes. So, if your intro was short, the talking started later in the video or ended early. Mine turned out was exactly the right length.

Part II (Garden) – I am wearing a pinstripe top and orange skirt in this scene and it takes place outside in the garden of the hotel. This is the scene was a bit awkward for all of us at first. Act natural and smile. Try not to look at the camera. Do something but don’t move too much. Pictures are easy because you just pose and the photographer snaps individual stills. But in this case, the camera is filming the whole time and you have to make sure you maintain the right angles and smile and pose the entire time. Somehow I pulled it off although I look somewhat like a ditz playing with my earrings and my hair. -.-

Part III (Street) – I am wearing my favorite summer maxi dress. I love the color and texture of the material – fuschia colored silk. I had to get about 3 inches cut from the bottom and wear a 5-inch heel in order to pull it off, but it’s great at elongating my figure. If I’ve always wished I had longer legs, so this gives the illusion of that. If you don’t recognize this portion of Main Street in Flushing, that’s where it was taken. Our task was walk up and down the street and smile. Much easier said than done walking on 5-inch heels and over uneven road with danger around every crack in the cement. And you can’t look down!

The entire shoot, consisting of 14 people, took an entire day. There goes my Sunday, though I can’t imagine having a most productive day. 🙂

You can also view videos of the other 13 contestants here by clicking on each individual. Our self-bio’s are also posted along with the videos. They’re all equally good!

[to be continued…]

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