Incorporate Strength Building into Your Cardio Routine

But everyone says you need to do cardio to lose weight!

Yes, that’s true, but I’m specifically talking about yielding results that makes you LOOK better. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried them all. I’ve done classes like TRX, Zumba, and whole-body workout and I’ve sweated like crazy at every single one of them. I’ve ran 20 miles a week and was able to run longer and longer without getting tired. All those exercises are great! They’re great because you’re definitely burning calories and enhancing your cardiovascular health. The downside is, you tend to maintain your natural body type/shape and it won’t help you get to your ideal body image. I’ve seen runners who can run longer and faster than me, but are much heavier-set than I am. If you want to look tighter or slimmer, it won’t happen unless you do strength training.

What? You mean lift weights and bench press? That’s only for guys. I don’t want to have bulging muscles.

That’s what I used to think. What changed my mind was trial and research. First of, right assured that it is VERY difficult to build up huge amounts of muscle mass and a lot of time dedicated to accomplishing it. True, it’s a lot easier for men to build muscles because they have 20%-30% more testosterone production than we do. Even then, they truly have to work at it. I’m talking about the same amount of time us ladies spend on cardio, they focus on lifting heavy weights and building up those vanity muscle groups – arms and pecs. Secondly, I would never focus on purely arms or pecs (ever). I always work the whole body focusing on my vanity muscle groups, which are abs, legs and butt.

The truth is, I have developed muscles in places I’ve never imaged wanting, but I’m so glad I do. I feel so much stronger. This morning, some giant guy rammed into my shoulder as we walked by each other. I was surprised, but I’m pretty sure he was equally surprised some 100 pound Asian girl returned the favor with equal force. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. 🙂

My arms are a lot stronger now – I used to complain how weak they were and how floppy they looked in pictures. Now I actually have distinct triceps and biceps. I have less backaches now that my back is a lot strong. Feeling the muscles throughout my body makes me feel strong and invincible.

These muscles also come with added benefits:

“Weight training is an excellent way of combating several symptoms we all face as we get a little older. After the age of thirty there is a loss of 3-5% of muscle mass per decade, making day to day tasks gradually harder to perform, slowing down the metabolism and increasing the risk of fat gain. Resistance exercise can reduce bone deterioration and build bone mass, preventing osteoporosis. It has been proven to have a positive affect on insulin resistance, resting metabolism, blood pressure, body fat and gastrointestinal transit time, factors that are linked to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer

Remember, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. So this means you are burning more calories even while sleeping, as your body needs to use more calories to fuel your muscles, which helps you to burn more fat!” –  Why women need to build muscle.

Want to look slimmer and eat more, cut down on cardio and dedicate more time to weight training. Start small and build up your strength. Stayed tuned for some workout tips!

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