Eat More of These Healthy Foods

I’m definitely a person of routine and as of late, this has been my routine for health. I like to start my morning with a bottle of homemade smoothie (recipe).

I then catch up on Emails and read up on my favorite sites for new articles on health. One of my favorite site is Women’s Health Magazine. They have new articles daily so it’s always exciting to add new facts on nutrition to my knowledge base here. What I found out today were beneficial foods for healthy skin. 10 great foods for healthy skin:

  • Almonds – I use almond milk instead of regular milk for my smoothie
  • Carrots – Go for baby carrots because they’re easier to eat, but don’t eat too many as they have higher sugar content
  • Dark Chocolate – Portion control and go for the 90% cacao chocolate bars instead
  • Flaxseeds – I tend to overlook this, but if you have access, by all means!
  • Green Tea – Great replacement for water if you don’t like the blandness of water
  • Safflower Oil – I never go out of my way to buy an ingredient and try to incorporate it, but luckily my CLA supplments consists almost entirely of this oil 
  • Spinach – Do a quick blanch on a bag of spinach and put it aside for the week – egg white spinach omelettes are great break, lunch and dinner items
  • Sweet Potatoes – Easy to prepare: wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven at 400* for 45mins
  • Tomatoes – Go for cherry tomatoes, but same concept as baby carrots, high in sugar
  • Tuna – Canned tuna is just fine, but replace the mayo and use

Incorporating these foods into your diet is not hard, just be conscious of them and find a routine that consist of these health foods.

Shameless plug –> The two foods I’ve highlighted in green are ingredients found in my supplements so if you’re interested in learning more about the supplements, Email me via the link under the Follow Me section on the righthand tab. Also follow me, like me on Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram to get more articles like this one!

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