Miss New York Chinese 2013 – Part 2

As if checking Facebook constantly isn’t a bad habit already, everyday I end up refreshing my Inbox every hour like an addict. Finally that Email comes! YAY!!!! I knew it… 

A week later this comes...
I love seeing the word “CONGRATULATIONS”!

Photoshoot? I love photoshoots! Ohhhhhh and a press conference… oh no, wait!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!

As it turns out, I had originally signed up to participate in Tough Mudder on the same day as the press conference. Just a few words on Tough Mudder; it’s an endurance and strength race totaling roughly 12 miles long with 24 obstacle courses. My original motivation for hiring the personal trainer was gearing myself up for this competition. I’ll post another article about it with more details on my experience later today.

I immediately Email back to explain my situation. What if they won’t let me participate in the semi-final because I can’t make it to one of the three days? Gahhhh!! My inner cat is crying again. 

That’s impossible. Nothing to worry about you know. I’m sure it’s not a big deal. But I hate missing the opportunity to be in the news! My Marie is of course confident once again and pissed about the fact. It wasn’t much of a tough decision since I wouldn’t miss the race for some press conference, but there will always be self doubt. At this point, I’m just glad to know I was selected.

I’ll leave the boring details out but basically I was pardoned for missing the press conference and paid my dues, all $450!!! That’s $600 down the hatch… Man, why did I sign up for this in the first place? Oh right, because I was going through a crisis… Should have just gone shopping with that money. A new pair of shoes would be nice.

Well, I did get a new pair of shoes, mandatory for the semi-final that is. A pair of golden sandals with 4 inch heels that is. Okay, that’s another $35, I am at $635 now. Well, at least I get a free photoshoot. I hope they do it like the studios in China where they do you hair and makeup with fancy outfits and props. So excited!!

No Photoshop was done before it got printed either...
No Photoshop was done before it got printed either…

Yea, you guessed it. It’s nowhere close to my best pictures out of this series, but here it is nevertheless, the best out of the lot.

I thought I looked great during the photoshoot. What is this? I need to stop slouching. I look overweight. They do say camera adds 10 pounds though. At least my skin looks good. That hair is just, I have no words to describe. Gah! Well, I guess the more you look at it, it’s not as bad. The picture quality is good.

Allow me just say, it gets much, much better from here. I loved all my hair dressers and makeup artists. They were patient and meticulous, the results were wonderful. I’m not sure what happened here.

A week later, my photo, along with the other semi-finalists’ photos were uploaded to the official pageant website here. Please be nice and don’t make fun of everyone, especially the male gender as I know mine tend to be on the judgmental side. I would have preferred this photo to be used instead of the one that’s actually on there, but you can see both and pick the less worse one.

The date was set and I had prepping to do, mainly to drop another few pounds of fat. Unlucky for me, all training and fitting took place in Flushing, which is about an hour train ride for me from the office. It took some serious schedule juggling and planning to accomplish everything including catwalk and posing workshops as well as an evening gown fitting at Imperial Wedding Studio. I definitely frequented that studio more than 10 times throughout. The makeup artists and staff there are all super nice.

Rehearsals EVERYDAY
Rehearsals EVERYDAY

Are you kidding me? Well, at least that helps with me not eating dinner. 

By the way, you should never do what I did and skip a meal. It’s never good for you. Hunger will slow down your metabolism. This reason is this. Our ancestors had evolved to deal with food shortages by storing food during time of abundance in fats and living off the stored energy during times of famines. Our bodies are adapted to automatically conserve energy when it thinks food is scarce. In our lives today, we will never run out of food and in our head we understand it. The only problem is, our body hasn’t caught up to the times yet. So the worst thing you can do is to starving yourself. Later on I discover how to combat this issue, stayed tuned. I’ll be posting that article and linking it here.

Those early days of rehearsals were around proper ways of posing, which of was drilled into our heads. Okay, chest out, leg crossed and bent, tip toe, butt lifted and SMILE. 

I also prepared a minute self-intro in Chinese. Oh, learned about Weixin or WeChat in the US. People in China all use this apparently. We learned the routine for entering and exiting the stage. And finally, we learned the different rounds of the competition itself. This Email was sent a week before the day of, says a lot about last-minuteness huh?

**Note: Subject to Change (of course)
Rules of the Competition

The day of the semi-final finally came and it was chaotic as usual.

[to be continued…]

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