Big Haul of Health

I started talking about Fairway in my last post with the intention of posting my big haul under $25 but digressed to snacking. So here is my amazing finds at a bargain.

  • 2 bags of spinach @1.99 each
  • 3 boxes of strawberries @2.99 each
  • 2 large cucumbers @2.00 each
  • 1 pack of 4 Oikos Greek Yogurt @1.04 each
  • 6 stalks of scallion @0.69 all in


And here is what I did with just 1 bag of spinach yesterday

1. Blanch in hot water

2. Quickly shock with cold water to stop the cooking process

3. Squeeze out excess water

4. Cut into desired length

5. Store in a clean container for future use

You can mix it with egg white and do a quick egg white spinach omelette or mix it with a lite dressing and eat it as is. Spinach is great for you. You can also eat it raw and it’s probably healthier if you do. I like doing it this way because I personally don’t like the texture of raw spinach and this allows me to consume more. The very large bag of spinach only yielded this much for me.

StrawberriesFor my strawberries, it was too good to be true. A bag of frozen strawberries run me at 4.99 with only the quantity of a box. With a big more effort, I can get 2.5 boxes for the same price. And there is what you do.

1. Rinse in water

2. Pull out the leaves

3. Cut into halves or thirds depending on the size

The strawberries were small but extremely sweet, which is perfect. Buying in bulks when the price is right allows me to save money and get a month’s worth of ready-to-be-made-into-smoothies strawberries that won’t go bad. Waste nothing and save time!

ScallionsLastly, scallions. Scallions is an essential cooking “spice” in Chinese cooking. Scallion pancakes come to mind first, but also fried rice, and basically any stir-fry dishes. It’s great for you as well. Lucky for me, they also freeze well. After washing and dicing, you can just put them in the freezer for future use and they won’t go bad for a long time.

Total prep time: 30mins

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