MY Response to “Why You DEFINITELY Shouldn’t Take Weight-Loss Pills”

An article piqued my interest today from Women’s Health Magazine warning people to stay away from weight-loss pills. You can read the article for yourself here. Here’s my understanding and reaction…

Article sites a recent recall of OxyElite Pro weight loss pills by the Hawaii State Department of Health. No proof has been discovered but an ongoing investigation is currently taking place on the likelihood that these pills may cause¬†liver failure and acute hepatitis. The most severe cases of people were 2 that needed liver transplants and 1 that died. It’s scary to hear but let’s break it down. Of those people that suffered liver damage, at what quantity are they consuming? Do they have weak livers to begin with due to drinking or other medication?

On the one hand, I think we should take this warning seriously because as we know, any medication has its side-effects and so should be taken with caution. We also need to be aware of the ingredients that goes into making the pill. At the end of the article, it recommends viewers to “altogether and instead focus on consuming foods with¬†nutrients that are natural fat-fighters”. The reason I’m in agreement but will continue to use Amway’s weight loss products is that I know all their ingredients are derived from naturally grown organic plants. They utilize the technology to concentrate certain traits of “natural fat-fighters” in order to make their supplements. I wouldn’t say the technology is advanced and maybe that’s a good thing because if we look back at eastern medicine, the method is very similar. My ancestors have been using clay pots to boil herbs and plant life for centuries not really concerned with how the concoction work but that it has shown to be effective. I digress. My point is, stick with the natural food and supplements of which you know what the ingredients look like.

CLA Bottle Packaging

Here is the nutritional information on the back of a well-known fat reducer supplement CLA – Safflower Oil is used as the main source of extraction. They look like this.


Other ingredients are Gelatin (used to make outer shell of the gel tablet) and¬†Glycerin (sugar alcohol compound that is soluble in water and a natural preservative). I can attempt to explain how CLA and Glycerin makes this product effective, but what we should be more concerned with is that there are only 3 ingredients and we know exactly where they come from. For this reason, I’m content with continuing my use of Amway products. I definitely encourage visiting the Amway website to see for yourself. Or leave a comment for me. HHE – happy healthy eating!

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