How much real meat is in a chicken nugget? Less than you think, study finds | CTV News

After reading this article “How much real meat is in a chicken nugget? Less than you think, study finds | CTV News“, I have just lost my cravings for McDonald’s nuggets. Chicken nuggets from 2 fast food chain were sampled and analyzed for content. They found less than 50% meat. What’s in the other half? Bone fragments, skin fat, organ, and connective tissue. Granted, I appreciate the effort to use every last piece of the chicken (like we do in Asia — chicken gizzard, yum!), but this is false advertising and very disturbing. The most scary part is that, A. I don’t think this fact will get the awareness it should among the general population and B. I don’t think they would care even if they know.

I guess growing up in China, I’ve had my fair share of unhealthy past time foods, therefore I can somewhat understand. Why is it that chicken nuggets have become a food stable or even comfort food to kids in America? A couple of reasons I’m guessing… Their parents don’t know how to cook, don’t have time to cook, can’t cook at all or don’t have the money to buy wholesome ingredients like chicken breast.  — but in all honesty, I was just at the grocery store yesterday and I bought chicken breast at $2.49 a pound, the total came out to about $4.00; it’s the same price you would pay for a box of 10 nuggets. If you have a stove at home and a non-stick pan, salt and peppers, it’s a super healthy meal without the addition of fat, bone, and flour.

As a general rule, of course avoid any food that’s fried – all that batter that soak up the oil will turn any healthy food, dangerous (fried string beans anyone?).

And if this wasn’t gross enough, here’s a video about a boy who speed eats 120 chicken nuggets from McD’s, which BTW I think is a talent and pretty awesome. I just think he could set a good example by eating something healthier like satay chicken skewers w/ peanut sauce. 😉

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