Perseid Meteor Shower

I remember back to my early adolescence while I was living a semi-suburban neighborhood, I was fascinated by the stars and the infinite galaxies out there. I read up on astronomy and even astrology.

A shower of light

This definitely took place in the summertime. I ventured out one early morning hoping to catch what the news were referring to as “meteor shower”. Looking back, I imagined seeing literally a “shower” of lights. I understood the science behind it of course, Meteors were giant rocks that, as it falls through earth’s atmosphere, begin to ignite due to friction. The “tail” we see is the light that the meteor leaves behind. I don’t know if it was the science that drew me or the pretty lights; probably the latter.

5 AM my alarm rings, but I was already awake, unable to sleep the night before due to excitement. I run down the stairs and step out onto the front of my house. It was a quiet morning will a damp chill seeping through my clothes. This memory was extremely vivid, probably because of all the excitement at seeing a meteor shower for the first time. After waiting about 15 minutes or so, i saw a single bright and clear trail of a meteor. After looking at my watch, I wondered if I had missed the meteor “shower” after all… What I saw was most likely the Perseid Meteor “Shower”.

And of course I later discovered, that’s about as good as you’re going to get around here. So is it worth is to go out and see this? Maybe. Only if I can drag the boyfriend up with me, which is most unlikely…

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