Pacific Rim — Loving the Action

I saw Pacific Rim over the weekend with the boyfriend and 2 friends. The tickets were $20.50 for IMAX 3D. Was it worth it? OH YES! Although, I think I would feel the same way with a regular showing for half the price, maybe. Somehow I enjoyed the movie more than the boyfriend, who said it was just “good” versus my ” it was awesome, now I want to ride one”.

In the movie, humans resorted to building monster-fighting machines called Jeagers (pronounced “Yeagers”) in order to fight off alien invasions. These giant humanoids reminded me of Gundam Wing – a cartoon I watched as a kid, from over 10 years ago. Of course the technology has been upgraded to full-body simulation control instead, which makes more scientific sense. But hey, I enjoyed the show as a kid, and I continue to enjoy the adult version of it today!

So the aliens are called Kaijus. Each is about the size of a skyscraper and the appearance of dinosaur/reptile/shark with special abilities. Throughout the length of the movie, 10 years had elapsed and the monsters had evolved in size and intelligence. The epic monster at the end was a level 5.

Here’s a good monster scene.

So you get my drift – action packed with lots of fighting and little else. Great fun if you’re in the mood for some good-ole-fashion monster butt kicking!

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