Athletic Greens

I first brought into Athletic Greens 2 years ago after reading The 4-hour Body by Tim Ferriss. I finished about half a container out of the 4 I bought before I pushed it to the side to be forgotten. Despite it being advertised as great-tasting, oh my, it’s not. Then again, it’s expected given all the dried ingredients on the container. On the upside, it is truly an amazing product and here are some of the reasons why.

First, the content is in a green powder form. One serving is about 6tsps, one container is about 30 servings. Valued at $77 for 30 servings or $97 for double the amount, it would seem worthwhile to go for the latter option – exactly what I did. Note here that you are automatically signed up for monthly membership.

Some of its benefits ~

  • 70 natural ingredients containing various vitamins and minerals
  • fiber that will really speed up bowl movement
  • antioxidant
  • increases metabolism
  • improves digestion with natural enzymes
  • helps body to detox
2 servings worth
2 servings worth

From personal experience, after returning to the US after 2 weeks of travel, I had trouble going to the bathroom. My hands were also peeling from lack of needed vitamins. My body felt constantly hungry and craved sweet and savory food.

One of the reasons behind overeating in America is the body’s response to nutrition deficiency. Despite an abundance of calories from oil and sugar, if our body does not get the necessary nutritional content it needs to function, then it will keep sending signals to continue with calorie intakes. The more one eat calorie-rich but nutritional-deficient food, the more this cycle continues, creating weight issues. If we feed out bodies the correct building blocks, then we would stop that craving.

I took 2 scoops of Athletic Greens and immediately, I had gotten rid of waste that was causing me stomach aches and I stopped craving junk food. It helped that I was taking appetite control supplements CLA 500 and Slimmetry. I believe that Athletic Greens are better than multivitamin pills because it’s so nutrition-rich.

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