Too busy…

I’m a full-time consultant and my schedule is packed. I often find myself too busy to follow any of the conventional weight loss methods. What I can’t do, I improvise.

I was introduced to the brand, Nutrilite, by a nutritionist who came and spoke at a weight loss class I attended. I have read enough weight loss articles to know the best way to lose weight is NOT by starving yourself. At the time, I was going to the gym everyday and doing both cardiovascular exercises and strength training. (See Workout Tips for more details) I even hired a personal trainer who suggested using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake and weight loss.

I want to clarify here that when I use the conventional term “weight loss”, I’m not actually referring to the pounds I shed or BMI. What I ultimately care about is having a toned and slim body, or low % body fat. I’ll post another article on this later on, so keep an eye out for BMI vs % Body Fat.

My % body fat was:

  • 29% in February
  • 27.5% in April
  • 23%  in June

I began going to the gym regularly in February and began using Nutrilite products in April on top of my workouts.

The reason I like Nutrilite products is two-folds. One, it’s all natural. Two, it works for someone like me who is just too busy all the time. Check out my Weight Loss Regime for that list!

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