Protein as Meal Replacement

Eating a good breakfast is important because it quick starts your metabolism and keep hunger at bay for the rest of the day. Since I often don’t have the time in the morning between rushing to get ready for work and commuting 30 minutes to get to work, I replace the conventional breakfast with a protein shake.  I also use this shake to replace dinner so I don’t go hungry if I miss dinner time.

Staying hydrated is also important because the breakdown of protein will require H2O. This process is called protein catabolism. If you’re a bio-geek like myself, this diagram will explain the process that takes place in the molecular level.


  • Protein Powder (I prefer Nutrilite): 2 scoops
  • Water: 2 cups

Shake it up and it’s ready to drink. This shake is flavorless and watery in consistency. The reason is because it contains almost no fat or sugar. For weight loss, I recommend using almond or soy milk if you want the shake to be more creamy. I would discourage the use of fruit juice because that’s just excess sugar without the fiber. Whole fruits, such as berries, can be blended or eaten on the side. Berries are low in sugar and high in anti-oxidants. I just love munching on them!

Click here for my quick and easy breakfast smoothie recipe.

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